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Career Path

Uğur Karaboğa | 27.11.2017

Since its birth, career planning of a human being begins: “When (s)he grows up, it will be a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, definitely a musician, …” This vocational list goes on and on. After a person starts to think and use its reason, (s)he creates a career plan: “I will be a doctor, a teacher, an engineer, a football player, …” Career plans continue to change in every aspect of life once school life and social activities start. When a person comes to the concrete point of business life, it is a place where plans are created for what to do next. Looking back, a person realises that while trying to achieve its goals, the most important thing (s)he lost, is time. Because, their plans are not based on talents, character, or competencies they possess, but according to what they are taught and directed.

The most important problems experienced in nowadays business world are occupational and employee dissatisfaction, as employees feel that they have to work and train in certain areas under the influence of economic and environmental factors. This is not only a problem in our country but all over the world. For that reason, in order to prevent these problems, talent management programs are being increasingly implemented. The concept of talent management is becoming very critical for both, current employees to be at a better level then they are at the moment and youth to make the right construction about the future.

Career is not only shaped by the diploma or certificates attained. On the other hand, although people do not realise, attained diplomas plays a very serious role in acquiring talent and a character. General competency exams, which are one of the most widespread evaluation tools nowadays, enforces us to have a system that positions character and talent into the back plan while putting people’s level of knowledge in the forefront. With the test results, people are trying to shape their careers or at least to take one step forward.

In fact, the concept we call career is a process which starts from our birth through the effects of family and friend environment, school life, taken education and most important – talent. Just like a 4-year old enuretic child in kindergarten is being teased by his fellow friends which weakens his/her self-confidence in the future; in the same way, a 15-year old in a period of adolescence if (s)he gets support from the family will increase courage to take a big step in the future. A healthy family and environment will ensure that the career is shaped correctly through the development of discovered talents and proper education methods. They will provide important contributions to both, individual success and companies to reach the right workforce for the development of countries.  

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