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National Car, National Employment

Abdulkadir Karagöz | 05.12.2017

On 16 June 1961, over twenty of Turkish engineers who worked in different parts of Turkey were invited to the Ministry of Communication to “consult on a crucial issue”; Celebrations on 29 October in the name of 100% domestic/national car that was going to be produced was made, yet no one has ever heard of it.

Although all of the engineers were successful and experienced in their own fields, no one had enough experience in car making. Only with a narrow budget transferred from public funding in their hands and a strong will, there were ideals and dreams of a production of ‘100% domestic and national’. In the last 4 to 5 months, our engineers with its great efforts and sacrifices produced two revolutionary cars by nation’s own resources, presented it in front of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, and in every sense shined brightly towards the enemy and friends.

Due to the unfortunate events in a period of hardship, the story of revolutionary production remained unfinished. Later on, the domestic/national car was not able to be produced despite the steps taken in automotive industry and investments that were made. From 1960’s until today, Turkish automotive industry showed its success especially when it became European leading commercial vehicle production base. Turkey, a country where car productions are made and exports have a sustainable growth, is internationally competitive as well.

Although 56 years have passed since domestic and national revolutionary production dream was made, the dream of ‘Turkey’s car’ never faded away. With the invitation of our President Mr Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, “the 5 brave ones”, Anadolu Group, BMC, Kıraça Holding, Turkcell and Zorlu Holding came together with an aim to work under the same roof on Turkey’s car whose first prototype would be produced until 2019, while mass production would start in 2021.

In this path towards the creation of Turkey’s car, it is important primarily to determine strategic goals correctly. Within the process, without any doubt, 5 companies will need to reach the most experienced, domestic and international human resource. Although companies already have staff that can be directly employed, it is apparent that there will be a need for top and mid-level managers, experts and those who would like to improve themselves in these areas so that they can give direction and support with its experience in design, software, production, and marketing processes. In order to respond to such request for the emerging brand, the most professional way is to create a platform where all human recourses could be reached.

It is certain that there are hundreds of people who gained experience both in Turkey and abroad, and that would in this way contribute to project. It is of extreme importance to work carefully on identification, rewarding and proper guidance of this potential. During this process, it is necessary to invite and get support from experienced Turkish managers and experts who work in different countries. With this kind of power and support in the background, I believe that in a short period of time, the project will come into existence and healthier locate itself in the market.

Invitations should be sent to talented Turks to “consult on an important issue” related to car making; priority should be given at every stage of production to qualified human recourses who share national values.

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