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We are growing…

Abdulkadir Karagöz | 03.01.2018

The human resource of our country is getting more and more competitive every day. A situation like this is vital for our entrepreneurs and engineers. The products and services provided by domestic employees directly affect the success of the companies. The escalation in growth and employment rates is a clear indicator of this. In order to ensure the continuation of this success, we need to improve and develop employment policies.

Another topic that has equal importance just like the determination of human resource and employment, is talent management. We need to establish systems in which students will be able to communicate with the business world, discover and lead young talents towards the right direction, continuously develop and even encourage employees to improve themselves. Besides the professionalisation and recruitment processes of human resource departments, specialisation in talent management is also required. The talent management programs that are planned for the future will increase the quality of human resource and leave a positive impact on employment and growth.

According to TÜİK (Turkish Statistical Institute) in 3rd quarter 2017, our economy after six years increased up to 11,1%, while unemployment rate (September 2017) declined to 10,6%. The footsteps of this development in the economy began to emerge from the beginning of the year and the World Bank, IMF, OECD have updated our growth targets.

The increase of growth targets reflected upon employment rates. The initiative taken by our President regarding the employment mobilisation continues to pick up steam. The goal of TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) for 2018 is to employ additional 2 new members of the current 1,5 million and provide at least 3 million additional jobs. According to the research, employers also expect the increase of the employment for the first quarter of 2018. The achievement of this goal successfully is a synonym for the definite victory against the unemployment.

Along with employment mobilisation, many facilities were also introduced to entrepreneurs and businesses. The incentives done last year in terms of employment growing effect will continue in the new year with much more support. Together with these supports, the process that contributes to the employment mobilisation of enterprises will be easier and faster. An important point to which enterprises should pay attention while dealing with employment processes is the right recruitment process. Since duties and competencies are not clearly defined, unidentified recruitment and unauthorized job descriptions cause a serious problem not only for employers but employees as well. This situation, employee dissatisfaction, lack of expectations, the downfall of the quality of products and services becomes a reason for having such outcome. At the end of the process, disengagement between employers and employees results with “being fired” or “changing a job”.

Mistakes made in employing the right person will negatively affect the well-being of products and services, bring failing projects along with snowball effect, which will create bigger problems in the field of employment and growth. İn order to avoid these situations, it is necessary to provide a clear description and pay more attention to the employment of the right person while receiving professional support during the recruitment process.

İn conclusion; I am sharing my condolences with the family, relatives and business world, and I also ask Allah to show mercy to the president of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, İbrahim Çağlar, who passed away last month. Our brother İbrahim was one of the most respectful and successful businessmen of our country; despite all breakthroughs we faced, this brave businessman was always there for the nation.

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