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Are we aware of the potential?

Abdulkadir Karagöz | 10.05.2018

With our current potential and talent transfer, we can put more effort into the quality of our work, so that strategic goals can be reached.

Recently, Turkey has made great steps in production sector which as a result gained a significant place in the world market. Nevertheless, in order to achieve long-term strategic goals, Turkey must work on the identification of sustainable development targets and make an effort to reach these goals ahead of its time. To carry these studies into a practice, firstly a good analysis of the existing human resource should be made and with a proper classification, active projects should be assigned to adequate people. Nowadays, Turkey provides in many areas a qualified human resource. However, we cannot exactly measure what our true potential is. It is because we were not able to enter into a systematic type of work and now we feel the consequences of it.


If our aim is to follow the goals of 2023 vision, then we should give the importance to this issue instead of underestimating it. For this reason, we should correctly measure and categorise the current human resource potential in our country. As a second step, we must search for the missing points, meet the needs of the market, and have the ability to transfer efficient competencies along with its time. At the present time, people from different parts of the world are coming to Turkey for various reasons. The added-value these people contribute to our country is extremely important. We are aware of the fact that among these people, there are those who can strongly add a value to our potential, but when it comes to giving them a responsibility, we are not showing entrepreneurial spirit enough.

Looking at our history, we clearly can see the studies made on the transfer of talent in Seljuk and Ottoman States. In this respect, one of the best examples of reintegration system is in the Ottoman Empire. In the Ottoman Empire, firstly talented people were identified by the reintegration system, and after they had received respectable education and training, they were assigned to the state level. The system allowed them to work for the state’s interest and protection. Among the very known and important examples in the Ottoman history is Sokullu Mehmed Pasha who had been brought to the Ottoman Empire by the reintegration system. As a matter of fact, the efforts he took improved the power of the state.

Mustafa Özel points out to this issue with the words: “Once immigrants set up, reintegration develops”. You see, in different parts of the wold states work in a way to attract people from different cultures to their own countries. We can say that the U.S.A is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the field. We see that through the examples of talented and qualified employees from diverse countries who work in both, universities and private companies reaching billions of dollars for the company with the products they produced.


Throughout the history, we have not been able to apprehend the process of industrial development as a nation. Nonetheless, the political and economic situation in the world shows that we are at the point of a new era of transformation. From now on, we should act fast and take a respectable position in a transformation period. In this respect, the steps that Turkey will make are of extreme importance. With our current potential and talent transfer, we can put more effort into the quality of our work, so that strategic goals can be reached. The most important point to we should pay attention while seeking for a profile to whom responsibilities will be given is to work in accordance with Turkish values.

Speaking of talent transfer, our country and companies must have more courage, because raising qualified human resource is a process which requires time and effort. With Turkuaz Card System, we are taking these steps, but we must speed up the process and make it widespread. We can do this if and only if we are increasing its quality and making talent transfers in areas where we have lack of expertise.

We should emphasize the following: Our priority is the progeny of our nation. We should select the right person for the right job.

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