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Value-Focused Branding

Abdulkadir Karagöz | 12.02.2019

 “Knowledge” and “climate” are the most valuable capital of societies. Wherever you go in the world, this result never changes. However, climates do not affect improvement of society as before because the century we live in, brings a different climate approach. The new climate approach does not cover natural events but an economy system established over “technology and knowledge production”. This change reveals a unique and unpreventable competition environment and a tough struggle for societies.

The technological opportunities and knowledge we obtained in 21.century, carry us to one step ahead. Now, we live in an increasingly globalized world where societies that established knowledge dominance and that process and improve that knowledge, have a leading role.

Jared Diamond says “Why did Indians explore the Europe first?” in this work named “Riffle, Microbe and Steel”. How did Indians who have deep rooted history as long as modern civilizations, lose this process of change?

Every struggle brings gains and losses. Today, we live in a period when value judgments are lost and a cruel competition is experienced. What kind of way we are going to follow in the period when the strong one swallows the weak one and when profit maximization target is occurred? We firstly should answer that when we position ourselves and when we determine our aims.

Justice, moral and belief concepts are in the danger of encountering the consequence of Indians. The domain powers of the world, are demonstrating an approach against the values those are reasons of human existence in this superficial climate that they created with their pragmatic approaches because the biggest obstacle against the steps to maximize the economic gain, is the values obtained by societies.

In the steps taken within this loop, “branding” has an important place. Branding culture occurs as a result of that all institutional strategies focused on produced product as whole. Taking place in the world markets and increasing trade volume for institutions and companies, depend on making their brand heard in global scale because product and service marketing, are not enough alone for maximizing company development and gains. Together with product, “value and emotion” marketing are also needed. Briefly, while marketing a product, we market not only a physical meta but also values those are associated with the brand of that product.

For instance, in 1988, “Kraft” brand of Philip Morris had six times of its value demonstrated in its financial statement (13 million dollar). This cost difference, was the brand value of the Word “Kraft” that we cannot express perceptibly. Today, in many places of the world, we see existence and brand value of many brands similar to “Kraft”.

However, in Turkey, we are not at the point that we want in the field of branding in terms of value-focused approach. In the works we performed, we should develop solutions, products and services for needs protecting belief, moral and cultural values. As a country, we should approach the process of branding from this perspective; by making a correct brand definition, we should continue our efforts to become a global actor in a stronger way.  

To all mankind, we say “we should develop products, services and brands for real needs, not for artificial climates; we should develop projects to produce solution for the problems of innocent and suffering people, wherever they live in the world”.

We do our part in accordance with this transformation and change process. I would to share with you that we realize our project named “Mental Qatar” to provide service in the field of Human Resources and Management Consultancy. Within a short period, we establish our offices in Azerbaijan, Kuwait and Malaysia. With 10 abroad offices in 2023 and 50 abroad offices in 2030, we aim to be value-added global HR brand of Turkey.

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