Human Resources

Human resources cover operations of institutional human capital management as well as counselling and the application of these functions. Within the scope of services, it varies among the strategy of human resources, design, and transformation. Human Resources Consultancy covers the following services: Recruitment, Measurement – Evaluation, Payroll, and Talent Management.


Recruitment is the process of finding and recruiting qualified candidates from within or outside of an institution/organisation. This candidate can be found in short period of time and at an affordable cost. Recruitment process includes analysis of job requirements, the involvement of current employees, screening and selecting applicants, recruitment, and integration of the new employee into the organisation.

Assessment – Evaluation

This technic aims to lead every individual into the right direction of career planning via measurement of their professional competencies, foreign language, and general knowledge. Offered Assessment – Evaluation services are listed as follows: General Ability Examination; Field Examination; Foreign Language Examination; Personality Inventory and Professional Orientation Test; Employee Satisfaction Survey; and Customer Satisfaction Survey.


Payroll is a very important process in every company as it has to have prepared all documents into details related to employee’s earnings such as wages, overtime, bonuses, and other payments responsible towards the state.

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Talent Management

Talent management is planning and forecasting of strategic human capital in order to improve business value and enable companies and organisations to achieve their goals. Everything related to recruitment, withholding development and rewarding is part of talent management and strategic workforce planning. The talent management strategy should be attached to the business strategy for more feasible work. Among our talent programs, there are Turkcell GNÇYTNK, Malaysia Language Scholarship, and International Law program.

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Management Consulting

Management consulting has an aim to analyse existing organisational problems and to implement improvement plan based on company’s performance. Within the scope of Management Consulting department, following services are offered: Corporate agility; Competence analysis; Analysis of the current situation; HR management system; Operational excellence; Leadership; Organisational design; and Strategic planning and goal setting management.

Corporate Agility

Corporate agility is a concept which tries to act fast to respond to company’s operations and resources in more flexible way. It allows organisations to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, take advantage of emerging business opportunities, embrace new distribution channels or supply chains, and reduce costs or increase revenue streams in the process. A systematic approach to the management of change enables business owners to create a framework which takes into account the needs of the entire organisation on how to respond to change.

Competence Analysis

Competence analysis is a powerful tool used to measure knowledge and skills. It is additionally used to process skills required to deliver company’s products or services. Competence analysis is mainly used in production environments. Such analysis provides a basis for the variety of applications within a company which can be completed at the level of a product, project or company.

Analysis of The Current Situation

Analysis of the current situation presents a clear and concise view of the current situation of an operator in the market. It tends to examine various factors that effect on the current situation of business, including information on macroeconomic tendencies, customer data, and competitors. This data analysis can be done in a couple of ways, including the popular SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) method. While using this information, analysis of the situation can provide a summary of the situation as it is at the moment, and forecasts performance and progress in the near future as well.

Human Resources Management System

The human resources management system is a combination of systems and processes that interconnects HR management and information technology via HR software. HRMS can assist in revolutionization of a workplace. The automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks related to human resources management liberates the most valuable employees of the company and shifts its focus on culture, storage, and other impressive areas. Within management, HR is a software or online solution for data entry, data tracking and data information needs of payroll, administration and accounting functions.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is a business model whose philosophy is to continuously create value for customers, employees and key stakeholders within the organisations’ framework by developing operations and business performance in a more integral and standardized management methodology. It gives an advantage to companies in creating a sustainable competition through operational management.


Leadership provides organisations with a dynamic, exciting and inspiring structure along with creating a map of where you are going to ‘win’ as a team or an organisation. On the other side, while setting a direction, leaders also need to use management skills to guide their employees properly and efficiently in the right way. Instead of management processes designed to maintain and continually improve existing performance, visionary thinking and change should be in the first place.

Organisational Design

The organisational design is a method that redefines the workflow in order to define the dysfunctional aspects of procedures, structures, and systems; reorganises them to fit existing business realities/objectives; and develops a plan to implement new changes. The process focuses on improving both, technical and human skills. In most companies, the design process leads to more efficient organisational design, significantly improved results (profitability, customer service, internal operations), and connection of employees with work.

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Management

With defining goals and strategies, we assist and determine what changes will take place and what you can achieve in the future. Along with the tactics that should be applied to achieve general goals, we set a new point in relation to new strategic objectives. Furthermore, to make sure that results are attained, we create an operational point with employees. Our aim is to help you adapt effectively via different strategies.

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The most important point in human management is that every organisation circle is strong. For that reason, MENTAL HR – Consultancy gathers in one place human resource needs of companies and institutions, and candidates with clear career goals.